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 EliteGunZ NAT error fix

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PostSubject: EliteGunZ NAT error fix   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:06 pm

Today I'm going to teach you how to fix the "Agent Error: Agent Not Available" error or sometimes called "NAT error"

Some people playing GunZ experience this error. This is because of their router. Their router blocks the connection of game to the internet by its firewall.

There are 2 ways to prevent this:

1. Remove your router.
~~~Simply change the line cable of your modem. Instead of going to the router, plug it to your PC. That's what we call "Direct Connection." It means "without the use of the router."


2. Port-forward you router.
~~~If you have a router in your network you need to configure your router to prevent NAT errors.
Your router blocks certain ports that GunZ need to connect to other players. To open these ports and stop NAT errors follow this guide:

A. Find your router device, and write down the brand and type(number)

B. Write down your computer IP and your Router IP(default gateway).
To do this:
-Go to Start, Configuration, Network, Open your LAN connection.
-At details of LAN, you can see your computer IP on top of the list. Mostly or something.
-Also can see your Standard Gateway. Mostly or something.
-Write these down.

C. Go to http://portforward.com and search at PortFoward your router. Here you can find a guide on how to forward your router.

D. At forward page on your router, add the ports 7700-7800(Standard ports, adjustable at gunz>options>misc) for your computers IP. Click add or ok to save it.

E. Now your done, test it on gunz

Firewall software block ports also. Open your firewall software and search options to open ports. Or turn off the firewalls while playing gunz. This includes Windows Firewall.

People with Netgear and linksys should upgrade their firmware in order to get portforwarding to work. If it still doesnt work .. then I dont know!
Firmware is found on official websites of your router brand. This solution might also apply for other routers.

For me, it is more effective and safe if you use the first choice which is you should remove your router.

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and also the "+" sign button if I helped a lot.
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EliteGunZ NAT error fix
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